Establishing a talent highland has almost become the pet phrase of every entrepreneur that has a strong awareness of development. Through years of development, HOdo Group has formed its own distinct concept for the employment, use and development of personnel, which has also become the core part of our corporate culture.

As HOdo has seen continuous growth over the years, it can provide more opportunities to give play to the talent and wisdom of college students. College students who have shown wonderful work performance can be promoted as medium-level and senior leaders of the Group through competition for posts, including factory director, company manager, etc. 

It is necessary to value and respect talents before employing them. As a result, talents will have a sense of good treatment and belonging. Just as the saying goes, a gentleman is ready to die for his bosom friends. A person is well treated before working for an enterprise will do his utmost to serve the company. The company, in turn, will achieve more rapid and sound development. Such effort not only allows college students to be aware of HOdo’s great sincerity in treating and using personnel and its great anticipation for seeking talents, but also enable them to know more about our flexible, meritocracy-featured employment mechanism. A person that works for HOdo will never have to worry about failing to display his or her talents. Pan Jun, an applicant to HOdo from Jiangnan University once said, “The reason for my applying to work for HOdo is that you can be employed and serve for the company through your ability only and without other complex relations.

The competition of modern economy comes down to the competition of talents. As a result, the talent competition among businesses are becoming tougher than ever. To attract competent people, many businesses try to retain employees by offering high salary, high position and even stock right. In fact, the best way is to fully respect them and retain them by affection. Only when a business offers all the necessary conditions to make the best of the abilities of its employees can it develop in a health way.    

The great achievements of HOdo are ascribed to its talent mechanism of “employing talents from all over the nation”.