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HOdo Group is one of the 120 pilot enterprises for deepening reform as designated by the State Council, and is a trademark strategic demonstration enterprise in China’s garment industry as approved by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce. In June 2017, HOdo ranked the 84th on the China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands released by the World Brand Lab. 


HOdo has been guided under the bounden duty of creating national brands and the mission of “common prosperity and industrial country”. From the establishment of HOdo in 1957 to living through the most trying times in 1983 until now when HOdo has engaged in diverse industries and brought about transformation and upgrading by vigorously promoting brand construction, that is, we have worked to shift from the focus of production and operation to creation and management, from assets management to combination between industry and finance, from a domestic enterprise to a transnational corporation. Besides, we have carried out industrial and competitiveness upgrading. So far our products have involved from the original knitted underwear to such four domains as garment, rubber tire, bio-pharmaceuticals and real estate. Our economic aggregate in 2015 ranked the 64th among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises. 


HOdo Group has 12 subsidiaries, including two listed on the Main Board and one listed on the New Three Board. We also set up an 11.13-square kilometer Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone, Cambodia and two branch offices in New York and Los Angeles, the USA, respectively. “红豆(Hongdou)”, “千里马(Qianlima)” and “HOdo” have been recognized as famous trademarks of China by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce. Besides, HOdo has such brand series as “HOdo men’s wear”, “Hodohome”, “HOdo home textile”, “HOdo children's garments” and “HOdo property”.


Over the years, we have obtained more than 500 national honorary titles. In March 2007, HOdo, as a brand, won the achievement award - the highest honour in China’s garment industry. In April 2007, HOdo became the first Chinese enterprise in obtaining the “CSC9000T enterprise social responsibility” certification. Owing to its excellent achievements by introducing the excellent performance management, HOdo Group was rated as an “advanced enterprise in exercising excellent performance model in China’s textile industry in 2009”. In November 2011, HOdo Group was awarded the “CCTV China's annual brand”. In May 2012, the technical center of HOdo Group was rated as a national technical center, making it one of the few enterprises in China’s textile and garment industry in winning this distinction. In 2014, HOdo won the award of “face of China”.


Zhou Haijiang, Board Chairman and CEO of HOdo Group, has been elected the deputy for the 17th and 18th CPC National Congress successively. In 2012, Zhou was elected vice chairman of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce. In June 2016, Zhou was honored as "National Excellent Communist Party Member" by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Meanwhile, his family won the title of "national most beautiful family".


While accelerating economic growth, HOdo Group adheres to the idea of “all-win of shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, governments, environment and the society” and spares no effort in repaying the society. For years, HOdo has made donations for more than 300 million yuan.


Looking into the future, HOdo Group will continue to accelerate its transformation and upgrading, and adhere to the pursuit of excellent performance. By making continuous effort in organizing activities such as the “HOdo Magpie Festival”, we aim to increase the cultural connotations of our brands and create the “No 1 cultural brand of China”, in an effort to spread the most sincere emotions throughout the word by virtue of HOdo and march toward the goal of “popular HOdo, beautiful HOdo, happy HOdo and intelligent HOdo” and of “turning HOdo into a transnational century business”.